Interior door production

doorThe interior doors offered by Decor 2000 EOOD take into account the function of each room type, any specific technical and architectural requirements to them, the flow intensity of passing people, the costs that are worth spending and the special customer preferences . They are produced using the latest technology. The company has implemented a quality management system covering the entire production process, from raw material receiving to finished product discharge, which ensures high quality of the interior doors and the furniture, manufactured by Decor 2000 EOOD.

Laminated MDF doors – featuring great resemblance to solid wood, high durability and low cost. These doors are suitable for offices and homes.
Lacquered doors – doors of MDF painted the color of your choice to suit any interior.
Veneer doors – these doors are made of natural materials and bring warmth, luxury and comfort in a room. The different stain colors available will help you to make an office and a home of your own style.

Production of aluminum and PVC doors and windows

windowWe offer doors and windows made of ProfiLink brand PVC profiles as well as Alumil and Kurtuglu brands aluminum profiles.
These systems fully meet the modern energy efficiency trends. Their specifications comply with the international standards on heat preservation and energy savings in buildings.
Our teams of fitters are provided with sophisticated installation equipment, tools and specially adapted transport vehicles.
Product quality is ensured by the selected PVC systems featuring reliability, functionality and a wide variety of profiles and colors.


parapetiManufacture, delivery and installation of aluminum railings
Beautiful, modern looking, robust yet light-weight railings of simple shaping
The aluminum railings are suitable for both internal and external staircases and balconies.
Customers can really trust our professionalism, performance and top quality results.

Home and office furniture production

caldo9Decor 2000 EOOD is a company dealing with design, quality workmanship and installation of furniture, custom-made interior design solutions for homes and offices using laminated MDF panels in a wide variety of colors, fittings and mechanisms that meet the most stringent requirements for producing state-of-the-art furniture.

The company provides complete services to our clients, starting with a visit of our expert to your home for the purpose of getting familiar with your preferences about the appearance and workmanship of the furniture of your choice, meanwhile showing a variety of samples of materials that we use to facilitate your choice. Then we will manufacture your tailor-made furniture, deliver it to your place and install it to your complete satisfaction!
Our production shop is equipped with the latest generation of CNC machines for the manufacture of furniture from laminated and MDF panels.
Production automation, well-trained and qualified personnel skilled in operating CNC machines allows us to create top beautiful and functional furniture of top quality at the best prices in Bulgaria.

Construction and renovation jobs

constructDecor-2000 EOOD, Galabovo has a long tradition in carrying out renovation works in residential, public and industrial buildings in the municipality of Galabovo. Decor-2000 EOOD is specialized in interior renovation of buildings

Decor-2000 EOOD is specialized in interior renovation of buildings
  • Grouting, plastering, ceramic tile cladding and flooring, painting services;
  • Fitting of gypsum boards, suspended ceilings, laminate flooring
  • Installation and repair of indoor plumbing systems.

The company also offers rough construction services.